Testimonial Letter

"The children,teens and parents were very impressed with his talents, including singing, "throwing his voice," comedy, audience participation, and explanations on how a ventriloquist can do these things. His puppets were the finest I've ever seen and very believable fun characters. The show kept everyone laughing and smiling throughout. We really didn't want it to end!"

Emily Derrough - Youth Services
South Mainland Library
Micco, FL

"It was great!...it was SUPER great! It was colorful and engaged the kids. It kept the kids on the edge of their seats constantly watching every minute and cheering as the went along. I'd recommend this show to anybody!"

Helen Brownell
Easton Library
Greenwich, NY

"Mark Wade just did a wonderful show for us. All the teachers, children, everyone really enjoyed it!"

Eric J. Chalus - Principal
Bethel Memorial Elementary
Bethel Park, PA